How to Resolve Industrial Network Challenges with Digi Connect EZ

It can be challenging to manage data from equipment that is difficult to reach or where routine maintenance is required. With Digi Connect® EZ, you can simplify your operation with the durable solution that meets the needs of a wide range of serial applications with click-to-connect simplicity.

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Feb 04, 2022 | Length: 29:25

It can be challenging to manage data from equipment that is difficult to reach or where routine maintenance is required. With Digi Connect® EZ, you can simplify your operation with the durable solution that meets the needs of a wide range of serial applications with click-to-connect simplicity.

Watch our video to learn how the Digi Connect® EZ family of serial device servers simplifies connectivity and management of your serial devices, and provides easy-to-use tools for visibility across the network.

Follow-up Webinar Q&A

Thank you again for attending our session on How to Resolve Network Challenges Using Digi Connect EZ. Here are the questions that followed the presentation and their answers. If you have additional questions, be sure to reach out.

I have a warehouse where I have multiple pick and pack locations throughout the warehouse. I currently have PCs in each location. I would like to remove the PCs from the shop floor. How would I do that?

Yes. Digi Connect EZ allows you to place computers in more secure locations away from heavy machinery or vulnerable locations. By connecting your freight scale, scanners and shipping printers to the Connect EZ and putting those devices on a local network, it would allow you to relocate the computer to an office, data room or even virtualize the host.

You mentioned that Connect EZ has support for cellular. Which countries is it certified in?

The Digi Connect EZ uses Digi’s LTE CAT 4 global module which works in most geographies. The list of countries the product is certified with for use with this module continues to increase. You can go to to learn more.

What's a good vertical market for Connect EZ?

The Connect EZ is used widely in factory automation. Other good examples are oil and gas and, you know, distributed energy systems, and a third one would be logistics, transportation and tracking of packages.

I saw in the demos you showing a tool that I haven't heard of called Navigator. Can you tell me more about what the tool does?

Digi Navigator is the essential tool that we use to configure, monitor, and access the Connect EZ product family line. So whether it's the Mini, the Connect EZ 2, or the 4, that is the essential tool and most of the configuration can be done in under 10 minutes.

Does the Connect EZ have industrial temperatures specs?

Yes. The Connect EZ 4i is minus 35 to plus 74 Celsius; that's minus 31 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. So it covers uses in a very wide range of temperature environments.

How is availability on stock?

We are in increasing our supply of the product as with any product we're rolling out and availability is increasing as we go. Global supply chains are tight, but we have a pretty good availability of these products at this point.

How do you compare the Connect EZ to other Digi products like the Connect Port?

Digi Connect EZ is the latest generation product in our automation serial device and terminal server space. Connect Port is a slightly older technology. They both offer fairly comparable capabilities, but EZ adds the ability to have Wi-Fi, and add cellular connectivity, and it uses our latest DAL operating system, which gives full support for centralized management, lifecycle updates to support the very best practices in security. So it's very much a go-forward platform. You may see more products coming out from us in the future in similar ways.

We have someone who would like to know more information on developing Python scripts. Where would they be able to find more information on that?

We have a fair amount of information about Python on the DAL architecture that is on the Digi portal, And there is information on our website.

Can you explain the benefits of using the Connect EZ over, say, an IX20 for Modbus over IP?

Both products are very similar, right? So the IX20 and the EZ both offer similar capabilities. The IX20 has one serial port, the EZ obviously, offers solutions with two and four serial ports and cellular. If you are just looking for a direct serial to the Ethernet, then the EZ Mini is obviously a smaller and more focused product. So really either product is good. Use the one that's going to give you the right number of connections and the right types of network interconnects.

What are the other competitive products that the Connect EZ would match up to?

There are a lot of products that we've made in the past that fit in this space. The port server is the most direct product. This offers the same capabilities that that product does and then goes on to provide, as we've said, additional interconnectivity types versus what else is out there in industry. We stand by the security and reliability of our platforms and RealPort, and our other connectivity implementations have been proven to offer a superior experience for a long time. That's why our customers continue to use our products.

Are the EZ products only serial, or can they be used as an RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet port?

The EZ products have Gigabit Ethernet and DAL provides a full routing stack. So yes, they can also be used to provide general-purpose routing capabilities, firewall capabilities and network interconnects in the same way that any DAL product can do. So that's an additional set of functionality that you get with the product in general.

Will there also be a 16-24 port version, or when will that become available?

Watch this space for more information.

What is the best way to get an eval unit?

The best way to get an eval unit is to work with our Digi partners. They have units in stock so you should be able to get one fairly readily.

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