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Selecting the Right Enterprise Router and the Right Location to Install It

How do you select the right router for your enterprise, retail space or other indoor environment – especially given the range of features and performance factors available today? Just as importantly, how do you ensure the placement of your LTE router is in the right location within your building to get the best signal?

Well, you certainly have a few options. You can make a guess and hope for the best – for example, by placing the device near a window – and then test your theory through everyday use of the router. You can also hire a cellular signal specialist to identify the right location for you. But there’s a better way.

Digi enterprise routers can act as "extenders" and include proven accessories to help. These enterprise-class cellular devices are designed for primary or backup cellular connectivity, in a range of performance levels from standard LTE to LTE-Advanced Pro Cat 18 allowing you to meet both your financial and technical needs. These devices also have a range of features to support different use cases, such as FirstNet® certification.

Confused by the terminology? See our blog post, Cellular Routers, Extenders and Gateways: What's the Difference?

Choosing the Right LTE Router with the Right Features

Digi's add to compare featureThe first step is to identify the right Digi EX cellular extender for your use case. For example, do you need small office connectivity, or mission-critical Gigabit Ethernet performance?

Fortunately, Digi has a site tool to help you compare features and functionality. Simply select one of the devices, such as the Digi EX15 Cellular Extender, then click the “Add to compare” button in the right margin.

Next, select a second device you want to evaluate, such as the Digi EX12 LTE Cellular Extender. Click the “Add to compare” button again.

Add additional devices, if desired. The devices you have selected will appear in a list near the top of your browser window.

Digi Compare buttonWhen you are done selecting devices to compare, click the Compare button, which will display a page with your selected devices and a table listing their device specifications. Now you can compare device features side-by-side.

Selecting the Optimal Router Location in Your Building

Once you have selected and purchased the right cellular extender for your needs, you’ll want to make sure you get the best possible performance from your device.

Digi cellular extenders come equipped with a site survey battery pack and Power over Ethernet (PoE) injector adapter to help you find the location with the best signal strength in your building. This is especially important where walls, windows and other structural elements can potentially impact your device’s connection reliability.

This brief animation illustrates how different locations can have very different cellular performance.
Digi cellular extender placement animation

For a more in-depth look at the process, watch our demo video, which shows how to use the PoE adapter to quickly test various locations throughout your building to find the location with the strongest signal.

Whether you have a retail location, digital signage, police precinct, fire house, office space or other indoor business, Digi EX solutions can help you get the connectivity and performance you need, while providing the ability to upgrade, scale and grow your business planning for 5G.

When seeking an IoT vendor, remember that Digi is a complete solution provider. We not only offer the IoT devices you need to connect your business or municipality, but we provide software and cloud solutions, like Digi Remote Manager®, to help you manage your deployed devices, Digi TrustFence® to support your security requirements, as well as Digi SureLink® and built-in cellular device failover for industry-leading connection reliability. Additionally, we offer professional services to help with any aspect of your planning and deployment, from site surveys to device provisioning, customization and training.

If you need help identifying the right solution for your requirements, or you want to get your questions answered as you make your device selection, or find support for an efficient and painless deployment, Digi can help. Contact us to start the conversation.
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