Resilient and secure wireless connectivity from Digi can make a big contribution to patient outcomes—and hospital operations.

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Adding wireless capabilities to your medical devices makes critical patient information immediately available to caregivers and hospital systems. Connected devices can also improve billing accuracy, asset management, and maintenance.

Real-time monitoring

Medical devices with Digi connectivity can provide remote patient monitoring in real time to caregivers and hospital systems, no matter where the patient is located.

Faster time-to-market

Go wireless with Digi - fast. You don’t need to develop in-house RF capabilities. Just put Digi into your product design and you’ve got secure, reliable connectivity.

Certification to go

Digi simplifies your regulatory process with wireless modules that come pre-certified by the FCC in the US and other regions around the world.

Long-term availability

You can integrate Digi embedded modules with the confidence that continue production through your product development, approvals, and long, successful market life.

Digi XBee RF Modules

Radio mesh networking modules

  • Secure wireless connectivity
  • Multiple protocols for varied use
  • Pre-certified for fast deployment
  • Easy configuration with XCTU

Digi XBee Gateways

Cellular-enabled RF gateway

  • Connects XBee RF modules
  • Industrial rated
  • Integrated TrustFence® security
  • Easy configuration with Digi Remote Manager®

Digi XBee 3 Cellular Modems

Cellular radio for embedded devices

  • Rapid cellular integration for OEMs
  • Supports multiple protocols
  • Pre-certified for fast deployment
  • Low power consumption

Digi ConnectCore Family

Highly integrated development platforms

  • Scalable, pin-compatible family
  • Industrial rated
  • Integrated hardware, software, security
  • Tools/support for fast development
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